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proCampuz integrates the power of Social Media into Education making it a powerful tool to manage Academics.

Best Features for Teaching in One Platform

  • Generate Time Table.
  • Generate Lesson plan and track it.
  • Create and Collaborate Assignments.
  • Assess your students with various parameters.
  • Maintain the internal and university marks.
  • Upload the Notes and NPTEL Videos.
  • Analyse the performance of the Students.
  • Collaborate the informations with Parents.
  • Send University reports in the prescribed format.
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Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello proCampuz.

proCampuz looks great and operates with ease on any browser. Organize all your class, schedules, exams, notes, assignments and feedbacks on single platform. Now never miss a single data!!!

Benefits        Description
  In Campus Social Media Users can share ideas, notes, videos, photos, links and many more...
  Collaborate Time Table HOD can create time in less than 3 mins and collaborate dynamically with Teachers and Students.
  Track your Syllabus with Lesson Planning Teachers can create lesson plan for each subject and hence will help the complete department to keep track of the syllabus progress.
  Manage your Attendance Attendance marking can be done through the web interface accessible on any browser or teacher can take a smart phone to classroom and mark through the Android App.
  Online Assignments Manage the Assignments by creating them online. Student can submit assignments online.
  Create your own Assessments Create various way to create Assessments like Assignments, Practical test, class test, online test etc. Also this assessments can be linked to the internal marks for University.
  Get feedback to improve the teaching Create feedbacks and ask students to give feedback on the teaching experience for respective subjects. This will help the teachers to improve the pedagogy and HOD can ensure quality delivery of teaching.
  One place for your Notes and NPTEL Videos One single space for managing the NPTEL Videos and Notes. All the Notes and NPTEL videos can be linked to respective subjects.
  Collaborate your Tasks and Events to the Calendar Integrate all your Events like time table, meetings, festivals, exams, tasks with the proCampuz Calendar. Also helps you to inetgrate with Google Calendar.